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19th-Dec-2009 10:43 pm - YOU, ME AND A KILLING SPREE
Samuelsulivan @shades_of_sylar *I clench and unclench my fist, smashing and reuniting the pieces of a rock, thinking - Another life wasted*

shades_of_sylar @SamuelSullivan *I walk out of the tent and notice samuel looks upset* What's wrong Samuel?

Samuelsulivan @shades_of_sylar *dark look* They've struck against our kind again.

shades_of_sylar @SamuelSullivan *Looks down* What happened?

samuelsullivan @shades_of_sylar A young girl who could control the very oxygen in our air...breathe new life into the world. *I smash the rock again* Murdered in her very home by those she counted as her friends.

shades_of_sylar @SamuelSullivan Have you... paid them a visit yet? *Cold stare*

Samuelsullivan @shades_of_sylar *I reunite the rock again and smash it into smaller bits this time* I plan to.

shades_of_sylar @SamuelSullivan Well, you know what my "Talents" are, Samuel. *Evil grin*

SamuelSullivan @shades_of_sylar Yes. *I grin too*

shades_of_sylar @SamuelSullivan Do you have a plan?

SamuelSullivan @shades_of_sylar Make them suffer, as they have made us suffer.

shades_of_sylar @samuelsullivan *I use my tk to pick up a knife and throw it, piercing a beam of wood* Im ready when you are. *evil grin*
SamuelSullivan @shades_of_sylar *I pull on my traveling jacket* Let's be off then.

shades_of_sylar The air is cold as @SamuelSullivan and I walk toward an ignorant town, so unaware of the fate that approaches.

SamuelSullivan @shades_of_sylar *Despite moving farther away from family, I feel my ability greatly magnified with Sylar by my side*

shades_of_sylar @SamuelSullivan *There are no words that could adequately define such an a moment of excitement. I grin at Samuel, crack my knuckles & walk*

SamuelSullivan @shades_of_sylar *I grin back and walk alongside him, feeling my heightened awareness of the earth and control and power over it* I'd like to see some of these people for myself first. *said with unhidden bitterness and rage*

shades_of_sylar @SamuelSullivan *We climb a hill and look down at a small town* Is this it? Where do we begin?

shades_of_sylar @SamuelSullivan I do love a personal touch when it comes to revenge. After all, I am a touchy, feely kind of guy. *smiles and raises brows*

SamuelSullivan @shades_of_sylar *I raise an eyebrow and smile as I walk down the other side of the hill with him*

shades_of_sylar @SamuelSullivan *As we walk through the town, the faces staring back are cold and unfriendly* I guess they don't like strangers.

SamuelSullivan @shades_of_sylar I suppose not. *I try to keep my face as friendly as possible*

shades_of_sylar @SamuelSullivan *I smile nicely* I'm going to enjoy this immensely.

SamuelSullivan @shades_of_sylar As am I.

shades_of_sylar @SamuelSullivan *A chill runs up my spine as a cold wind begins to blow. Then I notice that we are standing in front of a house* Is this it?

SamuelSullivan @shades_of_sylar This is it. *I look the house over soberly as I begin to walk toward it*

shades_of_sylar @SamuelSullivan *My heart begins to race as we enter the house* Are there any other specials in here?

SamuelSullivan @shades_of_sylar *I shake my head* The girls' parents were killed a long time ago.

shades_of_sylar @SamuelSullivan Who was she living with? *I continue to follow with anticipation*

SamuelSullivan @shades_of_sylar *the bitterness inside me rises to a boiling point* Her aunt and uncle. Her own family gave her up to those monsters.

shades_of_sylar @SamuelSullivan *Hurtful memories come to mind* My father sold me to my uncle. Where are these bastards?

SamuelSullivan @shades_of_sylar *almost whispering* They must still be inside.

shades_of_sylar @SamuelSullivan Shall we have a conversation with them?

Samuelsullivan @shades_of_sylar *a stone hovers up from behind my shoulder* We certainly shall.

shades_of_sylar @SamuelSullivan *I throw the door from it's hinges using TK, as we storm into the house* It's like opening a present on christmas day.

Samuelsullivan @shades_of_sylar *the rock hovers ominously next to me as I look around, then I call out* Mister and Mrs. Carlisle? I'd like to have a word.

shades_of_sylar @SamuelSullivan *I hear a gun being cocked somewhere upstairs. I look at sam and shift my gaze toward the stairs*

samuelsullivan @shades_of_sylar *I cast a dark look in the direction of the stairs* Shall we?

shades_of_sylar @SamuelSullivan We shall. *I flash An evil grin as I lead the way up the stairs. Bullets will only piss me off, not kill me* Cableman here!

Samuelsullivan @shades_of_sylar *I grin at his cableman lie and follow closely behind*

shades_of_sylar @SamuelSullivan *I see the barrel of a shotgun coming out of a door cracked open. I pull the door from the hinges as I feel bullets hitting my chest. The man looks horrified as the bullets quickly fall out. I use my TK to pull the gun from his hands* My friend here just wants to talk. *I look at samuel, trying hard not to snap the man in two too soon*

Samuelsullivan @shades_of_sylar *I step forward and look straight at the man* Hello, Mr. Carlisle. Do you remember me? I came to you last week, offering to take in your niece,Hannah.Where is she now?*silence* Your own niece. *voice trembling with rage now* You should be ashamed.

shades_of_sylar @SamuelSullivan *The man tries to run, so I hold him still with TK, waving my finger at him and grinning* Our game has rules.

SamuelSullivan @shades_of_sylar *I walk up to the man until my face is only inches away from his* It's people like you that force us into a life of hiding. Every day is spent in fear of the outside world. So tell me, sir *the rock hovers above the man's head now* Are you afraid?

shades_of_sylar @SamuelSullivan *The man looks at sam and asks* "Who are you people?"

shades_of_sylar @SamuelSullivan *I look at the man with a playful grin* Oh, that thing about being the cableguy *shrugs* I lied.

SamuelSullivan @shades_of_sylar We are the justice in this world that your niece couldn't live long enough to see, but deserved. *with one flick of the hand, the rock shoots down and smashes straight into the man's skull, lodged there as the blood escapes around the sides*

shades_of_sylar @SamuelSullivan *I release him, allowing his body to fall onto the floor. I'm tempted to paint with his blood, but I resist the urge*

SamuelSullivan @shades_of_sylar *I turn to Sylar* Do as you may with the aunt if you find her.

shades_of_sylar @SamuelSullivan *Evil grin as I call out* Oh Auntie Em... I do believe a storm is approaching. *I hear her breathing as her heart races... *She's in the closet. I touch the man's body and shift into him* "It's okay honey, you can come out now. *The door slowly opens and she steps out to her husband shift into Hannah* Why did you send me away? *Auntie Em screams as I shift back to myself & cut her throat. The blood is such a brilliant shade, this time I do paint. A marvelous sunset overshadows a bloody town as samuel and I stand on the hill, walking away* It's like poetry.

Samuelsullivan @shades_of_sylar *I watch from behind, satisfied with the horror in the woman's eyes and Sylar's plain, unrelenting animosity toward her* *I smile* It is.

shades_of_sylar @SamuelSullivan Anything else before we leave Kansas, Toto? *I grin*

SamuelSullivan @shades_of_sylar *I gaze out of the window with a clear view of the house of Hannah's traitor friend* I have a renovation order that needs to be fulfilled.

shades_of_sylar @SamuelSullivan *Grins* I'm a jack of all trades. Cable guy, renovatator, painter... I'm your guy. *I wash the blood from my hands* Let's go.

SamuelSullivan @shades_of_sylar *I smile and walk down the stairs and out of the house*

SamuelSullivan @shades_of_sylar *a smile slowly comes to my face as I raise another rock behind me*

shades_of_sylar @SamuelSullivan *The front door slams shut as we approach* We come in peace! *I yell* We're not selling Bibles! *I throw the door into the street* Okay I lied! *I yell again* We are selling Bibles! *I laugh as we enter the house* *I hear them sqeeking like little mice as they scurry from us in fear. I lead Samuel to the master bedroom, and quiety open the door. I see them huddled in a dark corner of the room, as I motion to Samuel*

SamuelSullivan @shades_of_sylar *I step forward* Hello, young ladies and gentlemen. My name is Samuel, and I'm a friend of Hannah's. *silence, except for the whimpering* No matter what you have done, I will not lay a hand on you. *I think - because that would be too merciful* *I turn to Sylar* Come, Sylar, we have Bibles to sell and a house to renovate. *I smile as I walk out of the house, waiting for Sylar to come out as well*

shades_of_sylar @SamuelSullivan *Nodding in anticipation, I follow Samuel out of the house and onto the street*

Samuelsullivan @shades_of_sylar *I don't turn back to look at the house, I don't need to. I clench my fists and hear the deafening crumbling sound as the house collapses seemingly of it's own will*

shades_of_sylar @SamuelSullivan *I look back like Lot's wife, in awe of his massive power. It will be harder 2 control my lust 4 abilities now* What's next?

SamuelSullivan @shades_of_sylar The other people are unaware of poor Hannah's fate. They can be left alone, for now.

shades_of_sylar @SamuelSullivan *I follow Sam to the top of the hill as I listen to the sound of my own heart beat slowing down to normal. I gaze back to see a brilliant red sunset resting over the place where a childs death has been avenged. I pat Sam's shoulder* Let's go home.

SamuelSullivan @shades_of_sylar *I look over the sunset too and nod, putting an arm around his shoulders*You, me and a killing spreeCollapse )
18th-Dec-2009 01:27 am - Another Me
People from other time lines keep crossing my path. Sometimes It's hard to tell whether I've lost another piece of myself or I've just met another me from another place.

Gabriel is here now. I'm not sure where he's from, but I know that he needs me now. He worried me when he mentioned suicide. He isn't able to regenerate. There are a lot of things he isn't able to do... and that worries me.

The biggest question that came to mind upon his arrival was: Will I change him, or will he change me? I've seen great people driven to their knees with insanity because they let the wrong people guide them.
14th-Dec-2009 09:33 pm - Changing
I am always changing. Every day, I wake up slightly different than I did the day before. Suddenly, I have abilities that were never mine before. I dream of blood and brains, and my hunger is fed. Maybe it isn't a dream at all.

There is a part of me that spreads terror and pain... and somehow, that makes me feel alive. I wish I could say it makes me sick, but it doesn't anymore. I am becoming a shadow within a monster. My feelings of pain and remorse are numb as I watch them bleed by the hand of Sylar the Ripper.

I have no more control, I am no longer me. I am him... I am the monster... the beast... I am Sylar.

Even the icy air is not enough to wake me. I will sleep forever, and kill until there are no more... or until I am somehow dead myself.
13th-Dec-2009 08:27 pm - Nomads
The minority is always forced into a nomadic existence. The masses look at us and cast us out from their territory because we don't belong, because we're different. Brothers and sisters, our entire lives we have traveled and seen the world. Always on the move. Never truly belonging anywhere but with each other.

But the time will come when we find our promised land. The time will come when we plant our roots and build a true community. Our personal battles, our hardships...they will all bear their fruit soon. We have come a long way from when my brother Joseph and I started this family,and I know our time will come. I only ask for faith and a little patience.

I promise you; we will be nomads no more.
10th-Dec-2009 07:14 pm - Splitting Hairs
I hate waking up and realizing I've done something while I was sleeping. I always find blood... always. Ripper is still killing and I can't even stop him from here. I look into the mirror and shout, "Fuck you, Ripper!"

I feel a pain in my head. He's pushing through again. Why can't I stop him? I'm awake, but I'm not in control. I hear my voice, but they're not my words. "Fuck you, Gabriel." He calmly says with a smile of victory.

How do you ask for help when you can't even use your own words? Pete was right, this isn't working. Ripper and I need to separate again... if I can just gain control for a little while.

Ripper will always be Ripper... it's my future that is yet to be determined.
8th-Dec-2009 09:57 pm - Dreams

Some dreams are not meant to be shared. There are things that I see *shakes head* they are nightmares of reality, and glimpses of things I hope you never see.

I should be grieving, but the tears won't come. I close my eyes, and I see many things. It all draws so much pain and sometimes fear, but it never brings any tears. It is a mother's right to grieve alone, and it's also her right to hide the pain. No one will ever know the burden that comes with my gift. Sometimes seeing more when your eyes are closed than when they're open can be a real nightmare. But this is who I am.

Sometimes we can't get back the things we leave behind. I'm willing to accept that... now.

I sat at the edge of my bed, coming from dropping Noah off to be with Gabriel for the day. And then, it all hits me when I realize that I'm really not going to have the family I always wanted anymore. But, understanding that Noah will have the family he needs.

I want to be a good mom to Noah. I want to let him have his father, and not know the resentful, depressing feeling of not being accepted by his parents. I want him to grow up and not hate either of us for any of the decisions we make. He’s a great kid, a smart kid, and he deserves parents who have his best interests.

It's not a deadening feeling like it was not so long ago. But, it’s a sharp, throbbing sensation. It’s a wake up call, if you will. I have not seen or experienced this feeling in so long. And, it’s not something I want to stew on.

That is why I let him stay with Gabriel. Or should I call him Sylar now. I’m not sure. At any rate, I’m happy with the decision I’ve made.

And, I’m proud of myself for trying to get over Gabriel. It wasn’t easy. No, Elle, you definitely went all psycho-crazy over that one. And, it’s been rough. Yes, Elle, you’ve let it consume you. But, I am well enough to say that I am over Gabriel. I don’t hate him; I don’t resent him. Rather, I thank him for the son he’s given me; I revel in the memories we share; and, I will always remember that it was amazing for the time we had.

I decided to just revamp a bit. Bring back some of the Elle I was, and merge it with the Elle I am now. Trying to create a person who knows who she is, outside of what others may think. I’m not as callous or uncaring as I was, but I can’t be as weak and depressing as I have been. This is a new, better, more confident Elle. A sultrier, more mature Elle. I’m going to be someone who learns from life experiences, and more on with grace.

This is the right thing to do, honey, cuz that gloomy act was a mess.

Yes, this is better. And, I like it.
5th-Dec-2009 11:00 am - When he sleeps, I am awake
When Gabriel sleeps, I am awake. I rise up to the sound of a ticking clock. Darkness surrounds me, it swallows me whole, but I never stumble. My eyes have adjusted to the dead of night, and my body craves the bone chilling air.

The carnival is quiet as I step out of my tent, breathing a white mist into the air. The stones beneath my feet shift, making small amounts of noise until I reach the grass. I stand still and look back. Everything inside the carnival is still and unaware of the darkness that it hides... unaware of it's impending doom.

The call of a distant owl is muffled by the sound of my feet stepping through fallen leaves that cover the ground just outside the carnival. The thought of my secret journey makes my heart race. "This is what makes me feel alive," I say. "This is who I am."

I climb over an embankment and slide down a hill, finding myself in the city again. It's quiet and the poorly lit street where I'm standing is empty. It's good that I know where they live... I never forgot the names on the list.

Standing in the alley, I throw small stones against the window above me. My body transforms into a little girl who had fallen down at the carnival yesterday. It was so nice of me to help her up. As the window opens, I hear Dean Taylor call out, "Hello? Who's out there?"

The little girl smiles sweetly as she inquires, "Can you help me, sir?"

Dean disappears from the window and is suddenly standing beside me, softly touching my shoulder. Even serial killers become nauseated some times. Under normal circumstances, I would toy with his emotions for a while. I had a wonderful game planned that we would both enjoy... well maybe it would be me enjoying it as he screamed for hours. I hate when they make me feel so sick that I don't want to play anymore.

I throw him against the wall with my telekinesis and smile as his expression turns to confusion. I hear his heart beating faster than mine as he begins to panic and tries to move. It's sad that I would not have bothered to kill him if he wasn't so... special.

"Speed isn't very useful now, is it," I ask in the little girl's voice. Dean cannot seem to speak. I find that funny. I love the irony of a pedafile being killed by a little girl. He screams as I begin to cut his head open, and looks even more confused as I stop half way through, shifting back to my own body. "Kids these days," I shrug. "where has the innocence gone?" I enjoy his last scream immensely, as I watch his blood spray... and he takes his last beath. Seeing a person's last breath always makes me feel special.

With my new ability, I'm back at the carnival before Dean's body hits the ground. I clean myself up and lie back down. I hate when Gabriel wakes up confused. He always makes my job so much harder when he's confused. I smile as I close my eyes and disappear inside the happy mind of a misguided soul.

"Good night, Gabriel," I say to myself as darkness disappears into the light, and the weaker me awakens to a new day... oblivious to what we have done.
5th-Dec-2009 03:21 pm - Big Brother, Other Brother
As far back as I remember, Nathan's never done anything for himself. Sure, there's always been those little things he did to get what he wanted. But in the things that matter the most, Nathan's life has always been about being the guy everybody needed him to be...He was the sharp older son that Mom needed. He was the politician that Dad needed.

He was the big brother that I needed.

He's never done anything for himself, and when Sylar said he needed to become a new person to get his ability back...I thought that was who Nathan needed to become...The guy who did things for himself, the guy who wasn't always looking to keep someone happy, or to make someone proud. I tried to make him understand that he had to change...but when does he ever listen to me?

I've always been proud of him, always looked up to him no matter what he did. We've both done wrong things...crazy things. Sometimes I thought I hated him, but I didn't. I couldn't. He's my big brother, and I'll always love him.

But I guess that wasn't enough...telling him all that didn't change anything. I tried...but there's only so much you can take when you find out you're going to die in your brother's arms, and he won't even let you set things right before that happens...

I left...I didn't know what else to do. I promised Sylar I would come back to the carnival to help him, and that's a promise I plan on keeping. He needs me...and he isn't going to push me away.

I can't believe it...I'm right back where I started in the future...Nathan pushed me away, and Sylar became my other brother...the one I got close to. I guess I haven't stepped on too many butterflies after all...
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